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The Best Summer Food & Wine Pairings

The summertime is all about eating delicious foods and sipping on refreshing beverages in the warm weather. Whether you’re entertaining family and friends on the patio or just cheffing up a dinner for two, we’ve put together this guide of the best foods and wines to pair. When done correctly, wine is a great compliment for many of your favorite summer dishes. We guarantee your guests will think you’re a pro with these mouthwatering combos! 

Rosé & Cheese 

Everyone loves a good cheese board- And the only thing that can make it better is adding some sunshine and delicious rosé! Charcuterie boards featuring herbed ricotta, tomato bruschetta, and other delicious cheeses and meats pair perfectly with a glass of rosé. We recommend a dry  rosé for a savory taste.

Pinot Grigio & Salads 

There’s nothing more refreshing than a leafy green salad on a hot summer day! No matter what the occasion, you’ll probably find yourself serving a salad, whether it be on the side or as a main dish. A fruity glass of pinot grigio is your go-to for pairing with salad. 

Merlot & Bacon Burgers 

Our mouths are watering just thinking about a juicy burger topped with smokey bacon, sweet ketchup, and gooey cheese. You may even add avocado for a taste of smoothness. These flavors combined will pair well with the softness of Merlot. The fruit and earth tones of the Merlot will work well with the smokiness of the bacon. 

White Wine & Shellfish

Seafood is a staple in many of our summer diets, and particularly shellfish. If you’re planning on serving oysters, clams, shrimp, or mussels, white wine is best for pairing. The high-acidity and fruit flavors in some white whines will complement the saline qualities of the shellfish. 

Zinfandel & Grilled Pizzas

Have you ever tried throwing a pizza on the grill? If not, you’re certainly missing out. Put a delicious twist on an already fan-favorite by throwing pizzas on the grill for a crispy, charred taste. Toss on your favorite summer vegetables, meats, and cheese as toppings, and pair it with a glass of Zinfandel for a perfect pairing. With a slight sweetness and a hint of spiciness, zinfandel is a great choice to complement your grilled foods. 

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