The Spirits of Boston Grand Tasting

Everyone raves about Boston brews, but what about the harder stuff? Craft distilleries have significantly increased in numbers over the past decade. Boston is home to some the best, so come through and see what they have to offer. Local distillers will present everything from white whiskey to gold rum! Vendors include: Bully Boy GrandTen …

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Caffo / Rosé Tasting

Liam, our fun-loving representative from Baystate Wine & Spirits, will be tasting delicious selections from his portfolio. The first half (2pm-4pm) of the tasting will be dedicated to Gruppo Caffo’s Italian spirits, whose products are half the price and better than their main competitors! The second half (4pm-6pm) will be dedicated to the rosés that …

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Rotation Tasting

Rotation is one of our favorite brands, so that is why we carry their entire catalog! Swing on by and see what they have to offer! We will be pouring: 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 Chardonnay 2017 Red Blend 2018 Rosé 2017 Sauvignon Blanc

Soto Sake Tasting

By definition, each grain of rice that goes into a junmai daiginjo sake must be milled to at least 50% removal and 50% remaining. This give Soto sake a more fruity and fragrant taste and a wonderfully pure finish. Come on down to the store and have a sample. This is one of our favorites!

Le Grand Noir Tasting

This iconic brand has built quite an audience! We carry six different varietals from Le Grand Noir and each one turns heads. Since the sauvignon blanc is about to be discontinued at the winery, we will be pouring the remaining five: Brut Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon GSM Pinot Noir Rosé  

Gilbert Distributors Tasting

We carry a considerable selection of delectable wines from Gilbert Distributors’ portfolio. We are proud to have their locally crafted vermouths, old world crowd pleasers, and a whole lotta rosé filling our shelves. We will be pouring a representation of the spectrum of wine they offer: Chateau des Annibals Rosé [France] La Perdrix Rosé [France] …

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Bartles & Jaymes Tasting

Bartles and Jaymes was a near forgotten relic of the Miami Vice era. Until recently, the taste was sticky sweet and headache inducing. Now, the revamped formula relates to the hard seltzer crowd and taste is miles ahead of the previous recipe. Come to the store and see why this summer crusher is making such …

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Viu Manent Tasting

We expanded our selection of Viu Manent wines and want everyone to know! Viu Manent received the award for Chile’s best winery 3 years in a row. Their wines are delicious and affordable, which is a match made in heaven. We will be pouring: 2018 Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 Reserva Chardonnay 2018 Reserva Sauvignon Blanc …

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