New month, new beer of the month! This month we will be focusing on “Mac & Margie” Double IPA. Your new favorite beer has arrived at Downtown Wine & Spirits. “Mac & Margie” Double IPA brewed by Northwoods Brewing Company is a must-try this winter! This Double IPA has a bit of a spicy, peppery fragrance to it. Made from a blend of citrus, apricot, and rye bread, this beer is said to have “a near-perfect balance of dry zest and plump hazy fruit”. Each sip ends with a silky-smooth finish and it is said to be “very welcoming” for a drink that is 7.8%. If you are a true fan of Northwoods Brewing Company, you can even go check out their new brewery in Northwood, NH.

Facts About “Mac & Margie” Double IPA

  • Recipe includes pale malt, oats, wheat
  • Fermented in yeast native to Maine
  • Double dry hopped with Amarillo and Mosaic
  • Dense flavor
  • Flavors of citrus peel and apricot

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