Only about 5 miles from our liquor store, many Watertown residents make the drive to our location in Somerville MA to take advantage of our large selection of more than 1300 beers, 600 different wines, and liquors. Our diverse selection is what makes us more than just another liquor store; We go above and beyond to find jut the right beverages for you. Our customers love trying the new options, but know they can also always find their trusty go-to’s at Downtown Wine & Spirits! We also offer wine tastings and other events that allow you to try new beverages in a fun atmosphere. 

Our Beer & Wine Selection 

We offer a wide range of crafted beers from local breweries and are always trying new products to keep it fresh. From New England IPAs to Belgian Quadruples, we have something to suit everyone. Some of our popular local IPAs include Lagunitas, Notch, and Nightshift. We of course still carry the classics, including Budweiser, Natural Light, Miller, Coors, Heineken, and many more! Check out some of our recent beers of the week here to see what’s popular now! 

For wine lovers, our selection boasts popular go-to brands and niche gems from across the world! You don’t have to go to Italy for good wine, because we’ll bring it to you. No matter what type of wine you’re looking for, we guarantee you’ll find something at Downtown Wine & Liquors. Check out our sample list of wines here to get a sense of the many wines we carry. 

Tastings & Events near Watertown MA

Want to try before buying? Or interested in learning more about the history behind certain wines, beers, and spirits? We offer tastings to allow our customers to try new and exotic alcohols, that they may not have considered before. We guarantee you’ll find something new that you love at one of our events. It’s a creative and fun way to get together and try new things, while socializing and listening to music. Check our calendar of events here.

Stop by Downtown Wine & Spirits

If you’re looking for premium beverages, look no further than Downtown Wine & Spirits! Our selection offers something for everything. Stop by our store in Somerville MA, or give us a call at 617.625.7777 with any questions! You can also will out one of our special-order forms here.