When it comes to having a huge selection of high-quality beverages, Downtown Wine and Spirits is your go-to shop. Residents of Watertown are welcome to try out the wide variety of beer, wine, and liquors that our store offers. Downtown Wine and Spirits is located right in the center of Davis Square, so come on down and have a drink with us.

Downtown Wine and Spirits

You can’t go wrong with what we have at our shop. We offer a selection that is constantly changing over time. Every time you stop by our store is a new opportunity to find what you’re looking for or a new favorite. Our store prides itself on a highly enjoyable customer experience when you stop by to see what we have. Whether you expand your pallet with a new choice or get the usual favorite, you’ll leave our store happy. Oh, did we mention that we have a delivery option as well?

Tasting and Events in Watertown, MA

Want to enjoy a drink in the company of others? Downtown Wine and Spirits hosts tasting events on a weekly basis that allows you the chance to try out one of many beers, wines, or liquors that are available in our store. You’ll enjoy the experience of our tasting events whether its an aged bottle of wine or a new craft beer on the rise. Come through to experience our fun, flavor-filled tasting events today.

Downtown Wine and Spirits in Watertown, MA

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