Downtown Wine and Spirits offers residents of Boston, MA a wide variety of beer, wine, and liquor. Located in the heart of Davis Square in nearby Somerville, we often find residents of Boston coming into our store to try new products and get their go-to options. We offer Boston, MA over 1300 different selections of beer, 600 choices of wine, and renown liquor from around the world

Tastings and Events for Residents in Boston, MA

At Downtown Wine and Spirits, we offer customers more than just your average liquor store experience. We offer tastings on weekends and weekdays to customers who are looking to try new and exotic beers, wines, and liquors. Our goal is to give Boston a creative and fun way to try new spirits without having to break the bank and buy an entire bottle while also bringing together people for a night of music and laughter. If you live in the Boston area check out our calendar and see what tasting events we have coming up!

Downtown Wine and Spirits Services for Boston, MA

Contact Downtown Wine and Spirits

If you are interested in attending one of our tasting events or looking for premium beverages at your disposal, give us a call at 617.625.7777 or fill out one of our Special-Order forms. We also do deliveries!