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Downtown Wine & Spirits

SUN: 10AM-11PM

What can we say about Downtown that hasn’t been said already? What are we about? Why do we do this?

Are we about selection? We could be. We currently offer over 1,300 beers, 1,000 wines and approaching 200 whiskies, among other spirits.

Are we about service? That could be it too. Our staff is well versed in the products we sell, hopefully able to help the customer find exactly what they need at any given time.

And, to top it off, we even deliver.

It is certainly safe to say that DownTown is all about those things. But that is not the only way we look at it. Because, honestly, having a large beer selection isn’t what motivates our staff. It’s something larger. It includes having a startling selection and knowledge, but those are surpassed. It is a driving force that makes us do this. It’s a passion for the world of alcohol and what it contains. It’s really quite simple…

We’re about being the best. We’re about being the rock stars of the liquor world. We’re about being the smartest, coolest people you’re ever going to encounter in a liquor store. We’re about giving you an experience you hopefully won’t forget once you walk out the front door, carrying  the bottle of wine that’s going to blow you friends away at the dinner party you’re going to.  We’re about not only having everything you need to make a Sazerac, but knowing how to make it too.

At Downtown, we’re about having fun and throwing a little knowledge at you while we’re doing it. And it’s what we do, every day. You can’t top it. So come check us out and see if you want to be a part of it.